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Silktones on Balcony TV

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Now sponsored by the Shangrila Hotel, the Jack Hotel and Travel Beats, Balcony TV provides the opportunity for local artists to play and have recorded their original songs to become part of an online video portal for original music searchable world wide.

Introduced to Cairns in 2014 this program was funded by Regional Arts Development Fund to facilitate the opportunities for local artists to be engaged in a leading online portal that features, bands, musicians and performing artists on balconies around the world.

Silktones were absolutlely stoked to be a part of the show. A live performance of their song, "Crocodile Wise" was recorded to video on the veranda of the Shangrila Hotel with Kris Hutchinson on audio, Glenn on video and Jay on photographs.

On the day, artists recording in the same batch on the day were: Alex, Handles, Shannon, Silktones (Andrew and Luke)and Lana Welsh.

Watch this space for the posting of the song that we had filmed as part of this event...

Silktones on Balcony TV - Crocodile Wise

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