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"Beaten and Broken"

> ABC Far North Queensland: Cleis' Cold Case Reopened [2010]

Blue Tonic at Passport to Airlee Beach eventAt a performance back on the Tablelands at the Atherton International Club, Shirl sang the song she had written for Rhonda and Cleis.
" It really had taken me quite some time to be able to sing the song, 'Beaten and Broken' without feeling the emotion that sits behind this story of two amazing women and their journey." says Shirl.

Why was this song written? Who was it written for?

“Beaten and Broken” is a true story written by Rhonda Norbury, a heartfelt story that tells about the dedication of a devoted mother to her daughter’s recovery after a brutal assault left her clinging for her life. When I read Rhonda’s story, my means to find words to reference the extraordinary strength, courage, care and love of these two women was written into a song - referenced by the same name – “Beaten and Broken”.

Rhonda's story is a heart wrenching read. With this song it is my intention to let people know about the amazing courage and strength of Rhonda and Cleis Norbury and to be able to let people know of the availability of Rhonda's book and where it can be purchased.

Beaten and Broken:
A Story of Survival
by Rhonda Norbury
ISBN: 978-1-742842-99-8
Published by Book Pal

Rhonda’s journal tells about their experience and makes for compelling reading. Rhonda’s book is available through and or you can purchase your copy directly from Rhonda at:

> Facebook: Wake up Cleis Norbury Reunion [You may need to be logged into Facebook to view]

Beaten and Broken by Rhonda Norbury

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