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Cairns Airport Iniative
Trial for Gigs at the arrivals and departures lounge underway

Tablelands Folk Festival - Silktones PlusIn a new initiative with Cairns Airport, live music is currently being trialed to meet people as they arrive and depart the Cairns domestic airport at some peak hour times in lead up to Christmas. With such a great thoroughfare of traffic through the airport this is a great initiative for local artists to be able to play their music for the ears of those coming in and out of the airport.

Shirl was delighted to have the opportunity to perform the early morning shift from 8.30am to 11.30am as travellers streamed in and out of the airport. This was a first for her and she has a further performance time coming up in December too.

"As a songwriting musician performer it was a great opportunity to intermingle with travellers as the opportunity presented. Some asked for photographs and some just happy to make contact and engage in conversation about their travels. I love being able to play many of my own songs amongst the three hours of music variety that I provided, mixing it up a whole lot to meet a varied audience." says Shirl. Personally, I got a very positive response about the idea of having music in the airport departures and arrivals lounge from people who made contact with me.

Thank you to Keesha for her getting this iniative underway.
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