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McGinty's Irish Bar - Cairns

McGinty's IRish Bar - Cairns> Website: McGinty's Irish Bar - Cairns
> Facebook: McGintysCairns

Silktones love playing at McGinty's Irish Bar in Cairns and when invited back to play again it was a no brainer. Silktones always aim to do their utmost to give a good show regardless of where they play and when you play to a really receptive audience it just spurs you on to heights greater than you thought you could.

You'd better get along to McGinty's then - you really haven't experienced the best that Cairns city has to offer if you haven't been to this quaint Irish bar where the beer and the guiness flow.

McGinty's is an amazing night venue that has to be visited to be believed and it happens right here in Cairns. Live music pumps out of this place nearly every night of the week (check the website for particualars), people drop by from all walks of life.

When you drop by don't be surprised to see that this venue has a buzzing atmosphere where people are engaged and bubbling in their own participation to enjoy themselves. This venue attracts all ages without boundaries, it's an intimate social space where people get off on simply having a good time together with others.

There are Irish meals and a Thai Restaurant attached.

McGintys IRish Bar - Cairns

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