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Pat Pattison Masterclass and Workshop

> Pat Pattison

songwriting without boundariesAttending the Masterclass and weekend workshop held in Brisbane late August this year certainly ticked my boxes as a most worthwhile event to participate in. As a songwriter, I am always looking to hone the craft and find ways to continually improve my processes to develop better songs. The insights from Pat's classes were like gold.

In the Masterclass Pat took a selection of songs in the evening (max 10 ) and put them through a workout - making suggestions for how they could be improved and explaining the reasons for the shifts he was suggesting. Valuable insights were gained through his process regardless of whether your song was getting the work out or if someone elses' song was getting the workout. Not all participants put their songs up to be subjected to this process. Many people participated in this event as an observer.

The weekend workshop that followed drew forth the needs of the group with information, processes and examples provided for ways to look at songs to make them better. Pat focused on prosody between the intent of the song and structure, rhyme, rhythm, point of view, phrasing and more. He showed us how to take our songs to another level.

With the opportunity to present two of my songs to Pat's process, I have worked on the rewrites of my songs, "Mother Song" and "Beaten and Broken".

Pat comes to Australia annually to run these workshops, he has a number of publications and I highly recommend his workshops for any songwriter wanting to work at improving their songwriting processes.

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