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Super Sunday of Song

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Shirl and the lads
Photograph: Keesha McLean

Super Sunday of Song presented by Marlin Coast Vocal Academy was a fabulous afternoon event that flowed over into the evening. Fabulous music and songs were performed by local songwriters from the region with youth performers shining on the stage amidst a great line up of regular artists.

As a resident of the northern beaches I love being a part of any event that showcases original songwriting and performance by local artists. Having recently won the Max T Barnes Cairns to Nashville 2015 Best Song, it gave me the opportunity to showcase my winning song, "My Kind of Paradise" that is now a multi award winning song. Fabulous to be joined by Jim to especially do this song and bring to the stage a selection of my songs along with a couple of covers.

Supporting this event was Travel Beats owned by Sky Rixon who provides rance of services. Check out the Travel Beats website. Sky provides an outlet for the sales of local artists' CDs.

Shirl and the lds

Shirl and the lds

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