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Take on Today

Tablelands Folk Festival - Silktones PlusThe day I walked into Melpro Recording Studio to buy Rebeka Rain's latest CD, I had no foresight into the wonderful experience that would follow thereafter....

I had met Rebeka and Mick at the studio some two years before when Bek was recording her first album with Mick Evans at Melpro Recording Studio. Bek had lost her son "Harry" and had begun her journey to find her healing through her music. "Questions" was her first album, more recently this year she released, "I am Rain" and already underway she has a selection of songs for a forthcoming duet's album.

Being given the opportunity to work with Bek on a song for the duet's album made me feel very privileged indeed and I can't begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed the experience to work in collaboration with these amazing creative people, Rebeka Rain, Mick Evans and Chris Ellis to record this song.

"Take on Today" is due to be released on Friday the 27/11/2015 through iTunes and other digital networks World Wide. Keep posted for a possible launch and associated performances from Bek around the release of her duet's album when completed. In addition to all her recording she is now working up her songs with an amazing band line-up Mick Evans, Gordon Sheard, Chris Ellis and Maz Veric. Bring it on " Rebeka Rain and the Hurricanes".

Bek Mick Shirl

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