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Turtles In Trouble

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Blue Tonic at the Jack
Turtle rescue has become a more frequent occurance unfortunatley. When turtles are found in trouble call 1300ANIMAL to get the assistance needed for their help and care. The Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, Cairns do an amazing job in turtle rescue only possible through generous donations made by supporters and volunteers.

What a treat it was to be able to play at the fundraising evening for the "Turtles in Trouble" Exhibition that was held at the Canopy Art Gallery, Grafton Street, in Cairns. The exhibition featured the amazing work of Christian Miller [underwater photographer] and Kerryn Hill [pastel artist] and it was awesome.

There may have been a cyclone lurking around the edges of this exhibition, but people still came out of the woodwork to view the fine work of these two artists. Absolutely amazing.

Joined by Jim McCabe, we provided the musical entertainment as our contribution to this fundraising event. With great feeback from people we relished in being able to do this. I even got to play the turtle song that I wrote for the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, "Sea Turtle Quest."

A few CD's were sold on the night and 100 CD's donated for the cause. CD's still available at the Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Centre or from this website at: Sea Turtle Song for sale

Photograph by: Jack Wilke-Jans

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