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Max T Barnes - Cairns to Nashville Songwriting Competition

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BEST SONG in the Max T Barnes - Cairns to Nashville Song Contest is Shirley Lynn

BEST PERFORMER at the Max T Barnes - Cairns to Nashville Song Contest is Brealyn Sheehan

Held here in Cairns, many acclaimed local songwriters took part to compete for these awards.

On the 8th February, 2015 the final for the Cairns to Nashville Song Contest was held at Holloways Beach Sporting Complex. Following the heats held in November and December 2014, the finalists were: Leanne Tennant...Shirley Lynn....Bek Rain....Jasmin Chapman...Brealyn Sheehan.
Connor Reid...Peter Ino Reeves...Chris Wighton...Karl Edwards...Cameron Cusack.

Best Song - Shirley Lynn

The Competition Details:
A competition for all Singer/Songwriters & Performers in the Far North. The winners can expect to have their song pitched in Nashville and beyond.

The judges will have a scoring sheet for each song being performed and will judge the song and performance in four specific areas:

Lyrics (Imagery, story, creativity, originality)
Melody (structure, phrasing, rhythm)
Performing Ability (vocal, musicianship)
Stage Presence / Audience Rapport

Each judge will assign a score between 0 – 10 for each of the four judging categories. A total score is then derived for each performance. At the end of the Semi-Final and Final rounds the scores for each performance will be totaled and sorted by songwriter from high to low to determine the order of finish.

Heat 1:
Elizabeth Hole, Cameron Cusack, Rebeka Rain, Jasmin Chapman, Stevie Roberts (Sugarsonic), Shirley Lynn, Binda Warren, Bec Drollinger, Ben Daniel, Leanne Tennant

Heat 2:
Connor Reid, Peter Ino Reeves, Raymond Nosworthy, Debbie Robinson, Andrew Cavanagh, Brealyn Sheehan, Chris Wighton, Julie Auriane, Lucky Phil, Dianne Williamson, Karl Edwards, Lisa Crosby, Charm Quayle, Kelly Sweet K Moran

Cairns to Nashville
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