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Max T Barnes - Workshop Masterclass

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Headed along to Holloways Sporting Complex I was keen to attend the workshop conducted by Max T Barnes. As a songwriter Max's credentials were notable and as such I was keen to hear the knowledge that he would impart about his experiences as a songwriter on writing better songs and how to get them cut. The following topics were talked through during the workshop session and many songwriters played sections of their songs to be able to receive a brief critique on the day.

    • Applied lyric writing
    • Melody structure
    • The biz of the music business
    • The few simple things that may be holding you back that no one ever told you
    • The relationship between art and commerce
    • How to sell your song / yourself as a musician - Singer - Songwriter
    • How to handle the slammed door
    • How to achieve your goal in the music business and so much more

Max T Barnes Masterclass

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