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The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Cairns Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.
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The Funding
Successful Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) Grant

Note: information will be added to this post with the progression of this journey

> Regional Arts Development Fund

Shirl has been awarded Regional Arts Development Funding (RADF) to assist her in her professional development activities to attend a national conference in June 2016.

Following a brief meeting with the RADF Liaison Officer, Lucy Hart to set me on the right track, I submitted my application and was in due process notified that my application had been successful. Wow! I am stoked to be heading off to Ettalong Beach in June 2016 to attend the conference.

Attendance to Australian Songwriters Conference - Ettalong Beach, NSW
The project summary:

Shirley will be attending the 2016 Australian Songwriters Conference in Ettalong Beach - NSW, to gain further song-writing skills, connect with mentors and speakers sharing their knowledge and experience learning about songwriting and the business of songwriting to be able to apply and synthesise skills for future songwriting efforts. Shirley will be sharing skills gained when she returns to Cairns, wherever possible, through workshops and interpersonal connections.

It is Shirley's intension to share insights, information and skills from this conference on her return. Anyone interested to find out more is encouraged to contact Shirley to notify of your interest to receive communication in this regard.

Making up the application to submit required research and insight to pull together the appropriate documentation and detail for the RADF committee to be able to consider my application.

The following were included documents required to support my application:
* Letter from Conference organiser to indicate that a place was being held for me
* Print outs of airfares.
[Note: For future reference, it would be applicable to also factor in the cost of travel insurance, airport taxes and credit card handling fee as these are all associated costs incurred with getting there.]
* Accommodation booking advice
* Bus shuttle costing for trip to Ettalong and return to the airport in Sydney
* Vehicle parking costing here at the airport in Cairns

This grant is an Individual professional development grant - a travel grant, providing funds for successful recipients to attend professional development opportunities. Assistance made available to me was for up to 65 per cent of the total costs of the project. This grant category is an Out of round application - open year round, with a simplified application and a quick turn-around process. This specific conference was chosen because the focus was more specificly on songwriting.

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