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Every year in January the town of Tamworth comes alive as people come from near and far to get a good dose of live music over 10 days at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The festival takes place with music happening in all venues throughout the town including - pubs, clubs, restaurants, onstreet stages, buskers everywhere, the Entertainment Centre, Capitol Theatre and the The Town Hall. Poet's Breakfast is always popular as are free concerts in the park, songwriter and awards events and the cavalcade that parades through the main street during the festival.

> Website: Tamworth Songwriters Association
Performing at this year's festival "Shirl" joined Tamworth Songwriters Association for a songwriter showcase at Hog's Breath Cafe on Friday night, then Hog's Breath Peel Street Stage on Sunday and Post Office Hotel on Sunday. "It was great to take part in the live performance at these spots." says Shirl.

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