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Songwriting Workshop
Carter and Carter Cairns

David and Merelyn CarterDavid and Merelyn came to Cairns to be involved in a fundraiser for Street Level Youth Care - a Cairns community group caring for homeless and disadvantaged youth in Cairns. It was wonderful to catch up with them both at the breakfast. After having done the song collaboration for "Life's About the Little Things" at the end of last year, David and Merelyn also have a workshop retreat that will be held at Kings Lake in Victoria in September this year.

David and Merelyn put on a number of concerts and provided a music workshop for interested attendees. The workshop was action based with a song "Colours of You" collectively written with input from all attendants allowing participants insight into the collaborative process they use for writing songs with others.

Check out more information about Carter and Carter on their website.

Song Lyrics:
Colours of You

You colour my world
Fill the empty spaces
And inbetween my lines
Your amazing grace is
Like the sun
The sun

Warming me
When I feel alone
When that empty ache comes
And cracks in the road
Keep me far from my home
The shades of your rainbow
Shine through the grey of my sky

There’s red for the blood
And the love that you gave
There’s green in creation and it sings your name
I’m reminded I’m reminded

The colours of you
There’s power and peace
In the blue of the waves
The strength in your light
Captivates my faith

All the colours I see
Remind me
Of you.
The colours of you.

The struggles of my past
Kept me trapped in the shadows
I was lost
With no one to turn to
But you
Your love
Broke through

Like a radiant burst
You light up my life
I’m carried away
I’m dancing in the sky
I’m thankful, I’m grateful
For all that you’ve given me

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