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Elixir Tapas Bar at 92 Abbott Street is a is a cozy hot spot in downtown Cairns whether you're looking to stop by for a refreshing drink, grab a bite to eat or listen to any of the many musicians and bands that play here. Owners, Sky Rixon, Bill and Tess support art and music lovers bringing people together for a good time. Elixir Bar features top musicians while supporting home grown original acts too.

Had a great night on 20th December at Underground Live Music. Performers on the night were: Eli Birchall, Julia Hoolia Fujita, Shirley Lynn, Dr. Luv, Stevie Roberts, George Davies, Tim Wright and Jonathon Sebastian Robinson.

This event was hosted by Eli Birchall and is co-ordinated with running times every fortnight by Charmeone Quayle.

Shirley Lynn Music

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