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2018 Australian Songwriter's Conference

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Shirl at Australian Songwriters Conference - Ettalong BeachConference Dates: 7th June to 11th June 2018.

Lisa Butler is the conference organiser and she pulled together another awesome Australian Songwriters Conference at Ettalong Beach Tourist Resort just north of Sydney again this year.

As a participant, it was great to return to meet with many who were at the conference last year also meeting new songwriters all there for the purpose of developing and relating to the industry of songwriting. The whole conference was fabulous and certainly showed some talent there again this year.

The faculty at this year's conference included Alan Roy Scott, Gina Jeffreys, Rod McCormack, Anthony Snape, Adrian and Barbara Hannan, Diana Torissian, Matthew Donlevy, Caroline McKnight, Colleen Zulian, Katriena Friel, Jack Nigro, Doreen Van Bree and Christine M Kerr.

Alan was the main facilitator and again this year ran the co-writes and song surgeries. I was fortunate to have my song up for surgery with Alan and pleased to be able to move "Life - Keep it Real" forward as a result of the process. Gina Jeffreys and Rod McCormack were new to the conference and facilitated a session on the Country Music genre this year and it was fabulous to watch them together with Alan Roy Scott and Anthony Snape as they did their magic in a co-write that like flies on the wall we were able to watch, without audience engagement at all.

Daily co-writing sessions were organised from a random draw with focus sessions on writing to title, writing to brief and writing to genre. The great value for me in working within these sessions is learning to work collaboratively with different people, different personalities, learning to have flexibility and an appreciation of all ideas in the group, the end result being a creative mix of something unexpected.

Beyond the organised sessions, Alan Roy Scott and I commenced our co-write and Christine M Kerr and I have since started on a co-write together. Networking, making connections and having conversations with other songwriters offers potential always for further songwriting endeavours. It's always amazing to get a glimpse of things that other songwriters and performers are doing.

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The next Australian Songwriter's Conference is planned for 2020.

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