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"It's Ok to Not be OK" - collaboration with Alan Roy Scott

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Dilip Parekh - 'Who Knows' song collaboration with Shirley Lynn Over the past few years, reading books, attended workshops, conferences and masterclasses to indulge in the craft of songwriting and now have had first hand experience with a professional songwriter. Alan is a true professional and a very humble man. It was such a privilege and a valuable experience to gain direct understanding of things that matter to him in his writing.

Alan and I began the co-write for this song at the 2018 Australian Songwriters Conference at Ettalong Beach. It was my second time at the conference and Alan had been the main facilitator there over three consecutive events.

The song was built from the initial idea to write a song in support of raising awareness for mental health. The musical framework was structured with verses, pre-chorus and chorus and lyrical ideas were written and re-written. Ongoing Skype Sessions and emails facilitated our connection from afar, Alan being in L.A. and my living in Cairns, North Queensland. On completion of the song, Adrian Hannan from The Song Store, Melbourne was engaged to do the recording and production with input from Alan during the process. Adrian and Barb Hannan were speakers at the Australian Songwriter's Conference during the years of my attendance there too. Three versions were produced - one instrumental, one with a female vocal - Shirley Lynn and one with a male vocal - Josh Hannan.
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Listen to a recent interview with Alan on Zone Radio.
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Alan's final word... "It's OK to be OK too" and YES, I couldn't agree more.

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