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Targetted Songwriting Retreat
King Lake Melbourne

Carter & Carter Targeted Songwriting Retreat

Held at King Lake, outside Melbourne, Victoria at The Cheeky Fox, this has got to definately be the best songwriting retreat to go to. In this rural location, thirteen (13) budding songwriters converged for an intensive weekend honing skills and preparing songs for upcoming projects, pitching to artists, publishers etc. ​David and Merelyn together with well known songwriter/producer/musician Adrian Hannan and special guests Lyn Bowtell and Luke Austin delivered workshops and focused one on one with each participant.

I had so much fun being involved in everything about the weekend. I was involved in the following co-writes.

"Co-write 1"
Our first group songwrite was for the pitch sheet that required a Golden Anniversary Song - A love song for 50 years. Kath Stewart requested a song be written that would be recorded and her plan being to give it to her husband as a special gift for their anniversary.

"Co-write 2"
When Kerrie Garside and I tuned in together we collaborated to find a more comical way with a song idea for greater acceptance of the process of aging. With primetime now an attitude is projected where age is irrelevant and one can accept it for what it is and live it in the fullest way possible.

"Co-write 3"
When Peter Armstrong and I teamed up we each brought a song to the table for fine tuning and degrees of reworking in a country blues style. We found we were each able to contribute easily to each other's songwriting, so follow up online sessions are planned to we can continue more co-writing after the retreat.

"Co-write 4"
Lured into a room by a guitar riff at the end of evening activities, Kerry Garside began shaping the song "Waiting". Joined by Christine Kerr, Mary Harrison, Tanya Goltz and myself we spent a couple of hours allowing a bubble pot of ideas to surface - with many dissolving into the slipstream. In a more restrained process the writing of this song evolved.

"Co-write 5"
In a session of writing with David we looked at a song that moved through the boxes with three different ideas. The main aim of the session was to bring clarity to the song to make it more relatable and cohesive in its meaning. Some new ideas emerged melodically and lyrically and when Merelyn had a listen in too further input was provided also.

There were 13 participants at the retreat.
Some of the topics covered in workshops were:

    • Writing for a Reason - a focussed writing approach
    • The Rewrite - how to take a song from finished to amazing
    • Taking Aim - How to write songs that connect with your target market
    • How to improve the commerciality of your songwriting
    • The pathway through Writing, Arranging to Recording - bringing your song to life the way you hear it in your head
    • Effective brainstorming - ways to get into a creative space and overcome the doubts
    • Overcoming writing blocks
    • Co-Writing - an amazing networking experience
    • Rounding out your project - selecting songs for an album, finishing a book or achieving the goal of your creative project
    • How to pitch a song to artists
Carter & Carter Targeted Songwriting Retreat

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