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"Stand By You" - EveryOne Band

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The epic task of pulling together the contributions of over 2500 people on a musical mission was pulled off by the biggest band and largest interactive recording project ever, recording the song "Stand By You". This project was organised to raise money for the Australian Music Charity - Support Act. Shirley chose to participate and become a member of the EveryOne Band taking part along with the many other participants making a contribution toward raising money for the Support Act.

The song was released on 1st June 2018 and a video was produced which featured Ollie Bailey-O'Reilly.

An effort was made to top the charts which succeeded with 117 thousand views in 5 days.

By June 13th EveryOneBand was at #1 on the Australian Independent Record Labels Association.

Follow this link to The Courier Mail to read how this project come about?
Follow this link to You Tube to watch the Paul Kelly Interview.

Check out the website for and facebook pages for more information and follow up.

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