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"You Still Wear His/Her Ring" - collaboration with Christine M Kerr

> Facebook: Shirley Lynn Music
> Website: Chariot Baldwin - Christine M Kerr

Christine and I first met at the Australian Songwriter's Conference in 2016 and our connection became more established at the 2018 conference when Christine and I decided to work on a song together.
Christine M Kerr and Shirley Lynn
With the concept and idea for the song, "You Still Wear His/Her Ring?" our collaboration as songwriters began and we worked to and fro online to shape the song forward to the version it is. Contact via email, messages, skype and dropbox file sharing were technologies we used to bring about its creation. A basic output of the song was produced on garage band for demo purposes.

Our collaboration demonstrated that with persistence, dedication and commitment one can overcome the tyranny of distance with online tools that facilitate long distance working projects. I love that.

The song, "You Still Wear His/Her Ring" is registered with APRA.

Christine comes from Woy Woy near Sydney. Christine is an award winning songwriter. See her website from the link above and check out her Facebook page. Facebook: Christine M Kerr

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