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"Who Knows" - collaboration with Dilip Parekh

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In response to a post Dilip shared on Facebook to collaborate on a tune he'd written, the opportunity arose to co-write a song together.
Dilip Parekh - "Who Knows" song collaboration with Shirley Lynn
Being the opportunist that I am, I shared a melody and some lyrics with Dilip for consideration and we were both pleased to pursue the collaboration.

The words and melody came easily and without too much fuss we had a song that lives in the question "Who Knows?" with the presence of being in the moment of now. I love the simplicity of this song and hope it maybe allows the listener to be in a space of not having to know through an intellectual mind but more to find a way to be in touch with a being mind.

Our collaboration demonstrates to me the fact that in the interest to do so, connections can be made with others opening to the world of collaboration more than ever before. The tyranny of distance can be overcome. Contact via email, messages and dropbox file sending was enabling for the creation of this new song. Technology is truely amazing like that.

The song, "Who Knows" is now registered with APRA. Keep posted about this song on facebook or here on my website.

Dilip comes from Fremantle, Western Australia. Dilip is a freo muso doing solo acoustic and also dance band stuff (reggae/blues/funk/ska)etc. If you're in Fremantle, you might want to check out where he's playing - see his facebook page above or his band page here. Dilip and the Davs

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