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2019 Australian Songwriter's Association Awards

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Australian Songwriters Association Awards
Robert Cini, Kathryn Cini, Julia Marr, Shirley Lynn, David Gardner

Stoked to be in the Top 30 for Spiritual Category in the 2019 Australian Songwriter's Association Competition for "It's Ok to Not Be Ok". With so many North Queensland entries in Top 30 categories, it was wonderful to be there as North Queensland songwriters, Talitha Power, Robert Cini and Julia Marr were announced in the top 10 for their categories.

Robert Cini however not only came first in his category but he stole the show with his amazing award winning performance of "Different Road". Other songwriters from Cairns shortlisted in this year's competition were Lisa Livingstone and Lawry Goodwin.

Coming to an event like this was so much fun especially catching up with many songwriters met over the past few years. It was awesome to be there with Kerrie Garside, Kel and Jo, Mary Harrison, Elizabeth Usher, Antonio Corea and Tiffany Gow some of who won multiple awards on the night. Tiffany won the Ruby Brandsma Award and Lola Brinton who I was sitting next to won last year's Ruby Brandsma award.

Such a gala night at the 39th National Songwriting Awards, there were performances from all award winners. Mike McClellan was a special guest and Martin Plaza and Greedy Smith of Mental as Anything were inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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