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2019 Song Recording in Blackheath
Real Lessons
Roadtrippers Cross
Kimberley Moon

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Peter Armstrong and I met at the Carter and Carter Targetted Songwriting Retreat in Melbourne in 2018. Since then we have maintained regular online communication to continue working with a selection of our songs improving them where possible, shifting and shaping them to add value.

When I recently passed through Blackheath a session was planned with Pete and John Kelly joined us to help us record some of our songs. Over a couple of days the foundation was laid for the following three songs. Further instrumental layers will be added to support the style and intention of each song.

Real Lessons: This is a light-hearted move along song with a bright uplifting melody. The song's lingering message is embellished with colourful instrumental playing highlighted with intermittent harmonica hues.

Roadtrippers Cross:
Drawing on personal experience travelling to Western Australia from Queensland, two roadtrippers as keen as anything absorb an amazing experience relishing in leaving the unnecessaries behind to be at one with the Australian landscape crossing one side of this country to the other. In true nomadic style, setting their compass - North, South, East or West - roadtripper's cross whichever direction for great adventure.

Kimberley Moon: Visiting Broome in the Kimberley on the full moon is quite spectacular. It's an encounter that draws people to gather and view the staircase to the moon. Travelling through the Kimberley the moon is like a beacon in the night calling out saying, "Come back again soon." An instrument featured in this song is the resonator guitar adding nuances and some alluring heft to the song.

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