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Terry Doyle - CD Launch

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Terry Doyle has been an ambassador and advocate for original music for as long as I can remember. Terry was running Songwriters on the Waterfront at Mondos over 10 years ago when I first met him there, an event which I loved going along to be a part of.

During Terry's time running Songwriter's on the Waterfront he would always have his words of advice that he'd offer to us all as we got up to do our songs, and more than anything he encouraged and nurtured a spirit of having a go especially when it came to writing our own songs.

In recent times, Terry recorded his CD "Close and Sweet CarolynsPersonal" and it was a privilege to have been invited by him to do a duet on one of his songs, "Nothing Stays the Same" now on his new album, along with other songs featuring: Joanne Heming, Rachel Bradley, GG Davies, Jamie Doyle, Jaimee Davidson, Rebecca Langtree, Kelvin Doyle, Jake Doyle, Davy Simony, Jasmine Bradley-Cadman and Katie Jay.

At Terry's 70th birthday, the CD was released with an on stage performace from many who were featured on his CD. What an occasion it was for Terry with a full program of music entertainment opening with the Sweet Carolyns, followed by Nuts and Bolts, The Doyles, CD Launch and Buckle Reunion, a jam concluding with a Surprise Midnight Act.

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