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It's Ok to Not Be OK - recording
Now released

> The Song Store - Barb and Adrian Hannan
> Background to the song
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> Alan Roy Scott - Music Bridges

Having completed the song - "It's OK to Not Be OK" co-written with Alan Roy Scott, the next step was to have the song Barb, Adie and Shirl at the Song Store, Melbournerecorded.

Over the past few years, in my attendance at the Australian Songwriters Conference, Ettalong Beach north of Sydney I've had the fortunate opportunity to meet Barb and Adie Hannan, a dynamic production team from Melbourne. Very passionate about their work they walk the talk and have worked on some incredible creative projects in their time.

I knew I'd want to record with them at some time and after completing the co-write with Alan it was the perfect song to put through the paces. A studio date was organised and a trip to Melbourne ensued.

It was such an enriching experience having Adrian work on the song. He's a multi-instrumentalist Adie Hannan recording, "It's OK to Not Be OK"and his level of professionalism was second to none. Alan provided input into the production facilitating effective changes ensuring the result was to the satisfaction of all.

The foundation for the song was built on keys with guitar track, strings, cello, vocal and harmony layers.

The final outcome was the recording of multiple versions, a female vocal with Shirley, a male vocal with Josh Hannan and tracks without vocals.
Josh delivered an amazing vocal and bringing a young male perspective to the song provides greater dimension for the song and it's possibilities.

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