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2019 - Song Recording in Melbourne
Keep it Real
Cry Baby Cry

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On returning to Melbourne in November 2019, a recording session was planned with Adie and Barb at The Song Store again with two more songs recorded.

After meeting Barb and Adie at the Australian Songwriters Conference at Ettalong Beach in 2016 it was decided that I would do some recording with them. Impressed with the musical knowledge, productions skills and impeccible attention to detail of Adrian, my first song "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" was recorded there early in 2019.

Country music has always been a strong musical influence for me, so there will always be an element of country in my songs with anything from country blues, alternative country, americana, country rock, country ballad, contemporary and traditional country along with folk and roots influences also. The direction of my music is driven by creative endeavour with a need to explore eclectic possibilities.

Taking these two songs to production, with Adrian's guidance, instruments were selected and the focus was about choosing what best supported the song.

Keep it Real
Seeking truth - sifting through thoughts and getting in touch with feelings to be able to manage life's realities can be challenging. KEEP IT REAL is a song reminder for self-realisation to bring about the change that's possible.

Keep it Real, it may be harder than we think. The song challenges the listener to question beliefs when it comes to seeking the truth. The human condition can be seen in the people mirrors all around, at times getting caught up in intellectual dualities. The truth of reality is that it is always in the present moment - here and now. Live with love.

Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica by Shirley Lynn and all other instrumentation by Adrian Hannan.

Cry Baby Cry
With underlying understanding that out of suffering, there can be wellbeing of joy.
Turn off autopilot. Wake up! Find clarity with an open mind. Choose how to face each new day. Experience the joy that's possible.

An uptempo, bright uplifting song in country blues, alternative rock style. As a glass half full kind of girl, it's realised that change in our world can be made with change from within. As simple as it may seem it has potential to shift the perception of our own experience.

Vocals and Acoustic Guitar by Shirley Lynn and all other instrumentation by Adrian Hannan.

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