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Christmas Carols "Livestream"

Chrisstmas Carols Live with Rebecca Langtree and the crewChristmas Carols "Livestream"
Christmas in a COVID year.
Gorgeous Rebecca Langtree was planning to do a livestream via her facebook to the internet world. She invited a few of us likely to join her for such a Christmas occasion. We've done some Christmas Caroling before.

Such a delightful gathering and get together, in a beautiful open veranda setting at Becci's parents home in Edmonton where Becci prepared a meal for us all to share before we engaged online.

The scene was set with a decorated space where we gathered in our Christmas clobber with our instruments and voices to share songs of joy and Christmas cheer.

Let the livestream Impromptu Caroling begin...
It was fun! Together with Rebecca Langtree, Rachel Bradley, Jasmine Bradley-Cadman, Terry Doyle, Bron, Nikki Lowmas and Vance Fahey from Barbary Coasters a few tunes were performed to our family audience and streamed out onto the internet world for others to join in too.

Sharing a good time and keeping in the spirit of Christmas with Christmas carols old and new.

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