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2020 Covid Time

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Such an unprecedented time, the whole world grounded in the face of uncertainty. In the midst of change getting on the page with the reality of what is and still being able to make the most of what's possible is the best way I found to move forward in these times.

iHeart Songwriting Club
This year, I'd already decided to amp up my songwriting when I joined iHeart Songwriting Club giving the songwriting muscle a good workout with the objective to write a song in one hour every week. It always took me longer than that, but the primary exercise to become responsive more quickly has been on the improve. During the first two blocks with iHeart, Apra Amcos workshop sessions were offered which included - Melody Workshop, Beat Production Workshop, Music Video Workshop and Craft a Show Workshop, all very applicable and worthwhile. Other sessions included: Smashing your Creative Boundaries, Inspire YOur Way, Roadmap to Success and Transformational Power. VIP Sessions with Francesca were a help for me to realise directions I was still wanting to take and some that were not as important anymore.

Apra Amcos 123 Home Sessions
Teamed up with STAV for a virtual co-write we connected in the comfort of our own homes to write a song together. Stav was in Bellingen with her family at the time of writing and we exchanged emails, used google docs, soundtrap and zoom to talk, chat and share ideas. Certain, Uncertain Future" came in to being with a home produced recording, a shared outcome of layered sound with our voices and instruments at play.

Stav consulted with one of the language teachers in the area about wanting to use the word, "Ngali" which is from the Gumbaynggirr Language. According to Aboriginal Gumbaynggirr legend, Old Man Dreaming is the profile of a warrior's face, "Ngali". It was Ngali’s job to protect women who came to give birth in Bellinger Valley. But Ngali fell asleep, and for his punishment he was turned to stone for all eternity.

I first heard STAV perform in the Festival Song Circle at the Tablelands Folk Festival. Impressed with her ease as a performer and the quality of her songs, I'm so thrilled to have been involved in our co-write together. What a delight.

Co-Writing and Collaborating
We're all getting quite skilled at utilising technology for engagement and interpersonal connections with Facebook Messenger Video chats, Skype and Zoom my preferred applications.
Regular sessions and chats with Songwriter friends during Covid [April to September] have included:
Peter Armstrong - Blackheath, NSW
Mary Harrison - Canberra, ACT
Christine Kerr - Woy Woy, NSW
Blane Cox - Texas, US
Elizabeth Usher - Sydney, NSW
Lisa Butler, Don Hopkins, Elizabeth Usher, Karen Conners, Andrea Shotter and Massimo Presti
Zoe Strictland - Cairns, QLD

Soft Release of Cry Baby Cry

ASC Sessions
ASC Melbourne Circle, ASC Sydney Circle, Song Surgery with Alan Roy Scott, Masterclass with Pamela Orland, Copyright & Sync.

Grant applications
Writing for grants was a part of time spent during covid timeouts.

House Concert Gathering
When small gatherings were allowed again, being asked to play at a private House Party was a whole lot of fun. PRecceded by a classical piano performance and followed by a variety of musical acts then joining together for a musicians jam.
Recording Plan

Everything is so relative and our perspective we shape.
On a personal note, I was thankful the news of the pandemic arrived before my hubby and I actually took off on our planned 3 month trip overseas. Disappointment we had to cancel arrangements to visit the Northern Territory to visit our son living there. Sad for the passing and loss of my mum. Grateful we could give her the funeral we would have even if in the midst of only ten because of covid limitations and restrictions imposed. Hearts heal in ways that I will never fully understand. Being attached to wanting things to be different never works. Coming to terms with the way it is allows one to foresee scope and possibility. This pandemic has touched the lives of everyone in one way or another. The world will never be the same again.

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