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2020 COVID Time -321 Hme Sessions

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Apra Amcos 123 Home Sessions
Restricted in our movements, there was more time to be at home. A most welcome project that evolved during this time was the Apra Amcos 3-2-1 Home Sessions. The idea behind it was (3)three hours, (2)two songwriters and (1)one song.

STAV and Shirley Lynn

Teamed up with STAV we connected for our virtual co-write from afar in the comfort of our homes talking and evolving ideas from which our song evolved. Stav was in Bellingen, New South Wales with her family at the time of writing and we exchanged emails, used google docs, soundtrap and zoom to talk, chat and share ideas. "Certain, Uncertain Future" came in to being with a home produced recording, having developed a shared outcome of layered sound with voices and instruments at play. I loved the opportunity to familiarise with workings in Garageband, moving forward, something I'd like to do more of. We split our sessions up and took a bit longer to allow ideas to simmer and brew. Currently, still a work in process with a planned video too.

Stav consulted with one of the language teachers in the area about wanting to use the word, "Ngali" which is from the Gumbaynggirr Language. According to Aboriginal Gumbaynggirr legend, Old Man Dreaming is the profile of a warrior's face, "Ngali". It was Ngali’s job to protect women who came to give birth in Bellinger Valley. But Ngali fell asleep, and for his punishment he was turned to stone for all eternity. [Reference: Australias Guide NSW]

I first heard STAV perform in the Festival Song Circle at the Tablelands Folk Festival. Impressed with her ease as a performer and the quality of her songs, I'm so thrilled to have been involved in our co-write together. What a delight.

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