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2020 COVID Time - Pegasus Recording

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Nigel Pegrum and Shirley LynnRecording during COVID: Such an unprecedented time, the whole world needing to address uncertainty.

Pegasus Studio Recording and Production
How it all began!!
"Live and Let Live" is a North Queensland cyclone song. It was written with Kevin Bennett at THE DAG Songwriter Retreat, Nundle in 2019. This song was always going to be recorded in North Queensland.

My first meeting with Nigel Pegrum was at the beginning of COVID getting together to talk through a plan to apply for funding to record "Live and Let Live".

The possibility of doing a project of three songs eventuated. I'm truely grateful to Nigel for his connections, vision and amazing production skills bringing together a stellar team for the added layer of creativity to these songs.

Lead Vocals: Shirley Lynn
Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll & Libby Brockenshire
Drums: Nigel Pegrum
Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar: Giles Smith
Violin/Viola: Simon McMenamin
Keyboard: Kirk Steel
Guitar: Peter Ella, Shirley Lynn
Harmonica: Shirley Lynn

Nigel Pegrum and Shirley Lynn Pegasus StudioSimon McMenamin Nikki Doll and Libby BrokenshireNigel Pegrum and Giles Smith Nigel Pegrum and Kirk SteelNigel Pegrum and Peter Ella Pegasus Studio
Nikki Doll Music "It was an honour to sing on your songs and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together in the studio. I am glad that you are pleased with the overall results & thank you so much for trusting us with your music….. So blessed to be able to have sung such meaningful and conscious music, I feel through you and your songs I was able to contribute to the healing and expression of these times in which we are living..."

The three songs recorded are all quite different in their style. I couldn't be prouder of the songs and the result achieved. Very thankful to all involved on the project.

Live and Let Live - North Queensland cyclone song - Country Folk
Written by: Shirley Lynn and Kevin Bennett. Released in November, 2020

Temporary Time - A song inspired by world crisis that shifts in dramatic contrast between tension and fragility - well illustrated with instrumentation and light orchestral tones.
Written by: Shirley Lynn & Christine M Kerr. Released: February, 2021

Don't Dance So Fast - Country Waltz
Written by: Shirley Lynn, Kath Stewart, Paula and Lee Bowman. To be released: April, 2021

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