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2020 COVID Time - Songwriting Sessions

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> Peter Armstrong
> Christine M Kerr
> Mary VI Harrison
> Blane Cox
> Elizabeth Usher

Co-Writing and Collaborating
Mary HarrisonSuch an unprecedented time, the whole world grounded in the face of uncertainty. In the midst of change getting on the page with the reality of what is. People shifting from face to face engagement to online contexts for connection, upskilling in the use of technology then gaining the dual capability to be able to work in both environments.

Fortunately, songwriting has lent itself well to working in an online environment. Previous to COVID, engagement in songwriting sessions for me was already taking place online, previously having used email, skype, google hangouts and facebook messenger video. Zoom however has taken a big turn and offers features that are even more empowering especially for larger group collaborations. One co-write kicked off from the Masterclass with Pamela Oland utilised zoom for connection. This co-write with Lisa Butler, Don Hopkins, Mary Harrison, Elizabeth Usher, Karen Conners, Andrea Shotter and Massimo Presti is still in process.

Other writing sessions and chats with fellow songwriters during COVID [April to September with some still ongoing] have included:
Peter Armstrong - Blackheath, NSW
Mary Harrison - Canberra, ACT
Christine Kerr - Woy Woy, NSW
Blane Cox - Texas, US
Elizabeth Usher - Sydney, NSW
Christine KerrElizabethPeter ArmstrongBlane Cox

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