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2020 COVID Time - iHeart Songwriting Club

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iHeart Songwriting Club
iHeart SongwritingThis year, a decision to focus more considerably on songwriting led me to a group called iHeart Songwriting Club. iHeart Songwriting Club has been run by Francesca de Valence for the past six years. A great business club initiative helping songwriters keep on track with their writing while developing the potential for what they want to achieve.

Songs can always be improved, so can the ability to be more proficient, less attached to outcomes allowing for surges of creativity to come through more freely. That's the practice that iHeart attuned me to. The concept is to show up each week, write a song from a given brief in one hour and share it with the group you have been assigned. Providing feedback and receiving feedback from members of the group is part of the process also.

During the first two blocks with iHeart, Apra Amcos workshop sessions were offered which included - Melody Workshop, Beat Production Workshop, Music Video Workshop and Craft a Show Workshop, all very applicable and worthwhile.

Other sessions included: Smashing your Creative Boundaries, Inspire Your Way, Roadmap to Success and Transformational Power.

VIP Sessions with Francesca were a help for me to realise directions I was still wanting to take and some that were not as important anymore. Creating plans, being committed and following through were emphasised, all skills to enhance self-management practice.

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