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ShirleyLynn - Keep it RealCry baby Cry [tears of joy]

With the understanding that human experience is created within, humans can make conscious choices to fill their own hearts with joy without the need to wait for stars to align, without needing to wait for something to happen or for someone to come along and make it so. It's liberating to realise that misery can be left behind.
Now that's something to cry about.

That doesn't mean we don't honour the ups and downs of our own mental wellbeing or the ebb and flow of our feelings and it doesn't mean that we don't do things to help fill someone else's cup or allow someone else to help fill our own. It is with self-realisation that we can begin to recognise our mind suffering itself and instead of working against ourselves we actually allow our intelligence to work for us.

An uptempo, bright uplifting song in country blues, alternative rock style.

Cry baby Cry was recorded in Melbourne at The Song Store. Vocals and Acoustic Guitar by Shirley Lynn and all other instrumentation by Adrian Hannan. Released in May 2020.

Background Information:

"Our experience of life is determined by us, not by situations happening around us." Sadhguru

Inspired by hearing Sadhguru talk about millions of people all over the world who sit with their eyes closed for a few minutes everyday experiencing tears of extasy. [Power of Inner Engineering]

Suffering or Joy
- Life is not suffering. Life is not joy. It's simply there.

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