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Happy Heads Podcast with Sarah Speller

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Happy Heads Podcast
It was an afternoon on the back veranda at Clifton Beach when Sarah called out to have a chat. Sarah was working on her project, talking to Queenslanders to hear their stories in the context of Queensland Mental Health week.

Previously, I'd had interviews with Sarah - one in lead up to the Tablelands Folk Festival when she was doing Sarah's Spot and then that same year one with Bluey Forsyth on ABC - Far North in early October, in lead up to World Mental Health Day. My song "It's Ok to Not Be Ok" had been released and Sarah played it on the day.

We talked about the importance of realising that mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are just as important as everyday physical care and how coming to terms with understanding ourselves, helps us better understand others. Self-care beginning with self-compassion and self-acceptance. Everyone has days when everything is not ok and that can be quite normal. It's OK to Not be OK.

Below is the interview with Sarah and Shirley.

Happy Heads Podcast #7
Singer-Songwriter, Shirley Lynn finds inspiration with her work everywhere, whether it ’s a story she wants to tell, an idea she wants to explore, or simply something current… Her song around mental health awareness, ”It’s OK to not Be OK"…. Raises the question of happiness….

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