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Live and Let Live

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ShirleyLynn - Live and Let LiveLive and Let Live - North Queensland Cyclone Song

"Live and Let Live" is a song relevant to North Queensland's recurring cyclone season generating seeds of awareness with a gentle reminder to prepare for times when extreme weather is part of the distinctive character of living in NQ. Its shared regional narrative in speaking about cyclone season brings a sense of connectedness for people sharing this recurring experience. The song's perspective meets nature in a way realising that what has the potential to impact is also what's necessary to sustain life.

An uptempo, bright uplifting song in country folk style.

"Live and Let Live" was recorded in North Queensland with Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studio.
Lead Vocals: Shirley Lynn, Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll & Libby Brockenshire, Bass Guitar: Giles Smith, Keyboard: Kirk Steel, Guitar: Shirley Lynn & Peter Ella, Harmonica: Shirley Lynn, Violin & Viola: Simon McMenamin, Drums: Nigel Pegrum.

Background Information:
"Live and Let Live" was written by Kevin Bennett and Shirley Lynn at The DAG Songwriting Retreat at Nundle near Tamworth in July, 2019.

Having a co-write with Kevin Bennett was like gold. No better way to gain songwriting insights than to write with an experienced writer and performer. Our co-write session was in a funky caravan out the back of The DAG. In three hours our song, "Live and Let Live" was written. On return to Tamworth for the 2020 Tamworth Music Festival, "Live and Let Live" was one of the songs included in my performance at Songwriters Retreat Showcase at The DAG and part of my performance repertoire for other spots at the festival.

Kevin Bennett and Shirley Lynn

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