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Live and Let Live - SONG RELEASE

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> Covid - Pegasus Recording

> The DAG Songwriting Retreat
> Facebook: Shirley Lynn Music

"ShirleyLynn - Live and Let LiveLive and Let Live" - NQ Cyclone Song
This is a song relevant to North Queensland's recurring cyclone season generating seeds of awareness with a gentle reminder to prepare for times when extreme weather is part of the distinctive character of living in NQ. Its shared regional narrative in speaking about cyclone season brings a sense of connectedness for people sharing this recurring experience. The song's perspective meets nature in a way realising that what has the potential to impact is also what's necessary to sustain life.

An uptempo, bright uplifting song in country folk style.

Recorded and Produced: Pegasus Studio with Nigel Pegrum
Lead Vocals: Shirley Lynn
Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll & Libby Brockenshire
Bass Guitar: Giles Smith
Keyboard: Kirk Steel
Guitar: Shirley Lynn & Peter Ella
Harmonica: Shirley Lynn
Violin & Viola: Simon McMenamin
Drums: Nigel Pegrum
Photography: Ingrid Douglas
Graphic Design: Shirley Lynn

The following interview in remembering 10 years after Yasi was aired in 2021 after Live and Let Live was written. Alister Pike from Mission Beach, a veteran of four cyclones gives an account of his experience at that time.

> 10 Years After Yasi - ABC Far North Article [with photographs]
by Brendan Mounter and Samuel Davis
> The legacy of Cyclone Yasi - Full broadcast text annotation
by Brendan Mounter and Samuel Davis

Informative links during NQ extreme weather broadcasting.
> BOM - Bureau of Meterology
ABC Far North

Nigel Pegrum and Shirley LynnSimon McMenaminNikki Doll and Libby Brokenshire
Nigel Pegrum and Giles SmithNigel Pegrum and Kirk SteelNigel Pegrum and Peter Ella

Nikki Doll Music "It was an honour to sing on your songs and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together in the studio. I am glad that you are pleased with the overall results & thank you so much for trusting us with your music….. So blessed to be able to have sung such meaningful and conscious music, I feel through you and your songs I was able to contribute to the healing and expression of these times in which we are living..."

Songwriting Information:
"Live and Let Live" was written by Kevin Bennett and Shirley Lynn at The DAG Songwriting Retreat at Nundle near Tamworth in July, 2019. It was my first time at THE DAG retreat, participating in performances every night, workshops, songwriting and taking part in Hats Off in July Concert. On return to THE DAG at Tamworth Music Festival in early 2020, I performed "Live and Let Live". Final feedback was sought from KB and some minor tweaks made prior to recording the song.

Kevin Bennett and Shirley Lynn

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