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Music Night in Nhulunbuy

> Hog Shed - Nhulunbuy
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Playing a few tunes at The Hog Shed in Nhulunbuy
Wrapping Love Up for Christmas - Shirley Lynn & MC Pony
A visit to Nhulunbuy in the Northern Territory in November 2020 when my hubby and I visited our son working there, we got to visit the Hog Shed where I got to do a few tunes on a relaxed Sunday evening.

Kirin had often talked about times when he'd visited the Hog Shed there and he had mentioned it as one of the things for us to do when we were visiting up there. So with a guitar borrowed from one of Kirin's mates, I got up to do a few songs. Performances have been few and far between in 2020 with the COVID situation so it was great to take part, do a few songs and listen to others perform theirs.

Some of Kirin's friends joined us too so we got to meet them which was great. If we return to Nhulunbuy again we'll be sure to drop in and visit Hog Shed again.

The week after we left the annual toy run was on. The East Arnhem Blues Society hold an annual Toy Run and an auction at the Hog Shed to raise money for the community. Over 13 years, they've donated over $200,000 into the local community. That's a mighty effort.

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