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Tamworth Country Music Festival - 2020

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Shirley Lynn Tamworth

Playing at the 2020 Toyota Country Music Festival Tamworth this year was awesome, with a number of organised spots for performing, a couple of sets with Peter Armstrong and lots of people to catch up with, lots of great shows. Plenty to soak in. Tamworth was definately good fun. See facebook for other catchups and shows that were attended.

Mary V I Harrison, Christine M Kerr and Shirley LynnSunday 19th January
All Kinds of Country - Tamworth City Bowling Club

TSA Free Event - 6pm to 8.30. Shirley at 7.20pm.
Performers: Rachel Clarke, Copperline, Shirley Lynn and Dan Higgens.

Mary V I Harrison, Christine M Kerr and Shirley LynnMonday 20th January
Songwriters on Show - Tamworth City Bowling Club

TSA Free Event - 2pm - 5pm
Performers: Sandy Rasmussen, Phairo, Shirley Lynn, Peter and Shirley, Pete Armstrong and Grace Mae.

Cheryl Anderson, Joel McKay and Shirley LynnWednesday 22nd January
Songwriters Sing- Square Man Inn

TSA Free Event - 10am to 2.00pm.
Performers: Kat Angela, Shirley Lynn, Peter Armstrong and Sandy Louise

Lyn Bowtell and Shirley LynnFamily Zone Stage - Kable Avenue
Festival Free Event - Shirley at 3pm
Joined by Peter Armstrong for a couple of songs.

Lyn Bowtell and Shirley LynnFriday 24th January - Songwriters Retreat Showcase
The Dag, Nundle 11am - 2.30pm Ticketed Event included Roast Buffet Meal
so awesome to catch up with songwriters from the Dag Retreat in July, all taking part in the Songwriter Showcase - Shirley Lynn, Kylie Nebs, Bek Thornton, Logan Hoswell, Renee Jonas, Billy-Jo Porter with John Krsulja, Jeremy Edwards, Jen Mize and Kevin Bennett.

Lyn Bowtell and Shirley LynnCatching up with Kaitlyn Thomas at the Tamworth Festival after her Fanzone performance was a real treat. Kaitlyn is the biggest Sheryl Crow fan ever. Kaitlyn is a powerhouse performer with many performances throughout the festival. I especially loved being there to see her at the Fanzone as she performed her song, "Sheryl" that Lee Bowman and I helped her write.

2020 DAG Songwriter Showcase
The Tamworth region was experiencing drought and elsewhere some areas were still dealing with the impact of the season's worst bushfires. Without the festival the economy would be at great risk. In regards to the water situation, everyone was reminded to use water wisely whilst enjoying activities and events at the festival. The show did go on.

One of the songs I shared in my sets at this year's Tamworth Festival was "Live and Let Live", a song that brings attention to seasonal changes brought about by cyclones that occur in North Queensland. At their worst they are destructive while at their best they bring the much needed rain that's an absolute necessity for sustaining life. Below is a version of the song performed at Square Man Inn - Tamworth. This song was written with Kevin Bennett at The Dag July Songwriter Retreat in Nundle last year.

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