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"The Little Ways" - Kath's Anniversary Song

> Carter and Carter - Targeted Songwriting Retreat

The Little WaysHow wonderful it was to see fellow songwriter Kath Stewart bring to fruition her vision to give a song to her husband - a special tribute in celebration of their golden wedding anniversary. So beautiful.

The anniversary was during covid and celebrations had to be rescheduled. Many gifts were given throughout the golden year including: golden cutlery, golden serving spoons, golden wrapped toilet paper, gold sugar, gold salt and pepper, golden roughs, golden bakery crumpets, golden circle crushed pineapple. What a great idea.

The very special momento of a song personalised for the occasion though was an amazing gesture.
Kath had the song recorded with Adrian Hannan at The Song Store. It was sung by Merelyn Carter with music from Adrian, David Carter and Kath.

How did this co-write come about?
At the 2018 Carter and Carter Targeted Songwriting Retreat at King Lake, Melbourne, Kath's song brief along with her thoughts and ideas for the song were shared with a group of eager songwriters. Collectively the group worked together for initial stages of the song developing verse, chorus constructs and melody. Breakout groups worked on the song over the weekend and at the end of the retreat, Kath came in to the Cheeky Fox to listen to the song versions that had resulted. She had tears down her cheeks. Kath used the versions to fine tune and make selections for the finalisation of her song. With the guidance and contribution of David and Merelyn Carter this song is amazing. How lovely to receive in the post a copy from Kath after her celebration.

What a wonderful co-write project to have been involved in.
Kath and I have another co-write project the outcome of which will also be a song release in 2021.

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