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Wrapping Love Up for Christmas - Triple J Unearthed Charts

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Wrapping Love Up for Christmas
A Christmas song for everyone...

Elizabeth and I were absolutely wrapped to get "Wrapping love up for Christmas" produced in time for Christmas. It was a rushed release but we made it before Christmas thanks to Adrian Hannan at The Song Store. How stoked were we too when our song made it into the Triple J Unearthed Charts in the Indie Category and the Overall Category as well. For three weeks in a row it was in both charts and achieving: 4th place in the Indie and 6th place Overall. Then it snuck in again into the overall for a fourth week.

Shirley Lynn and MC Pony - Triple J Unearthed

Wrapping Love Up for Christmas - Shirley Lynn & MC PonyMusic & Lyrics: Shirley Lynn & Elizabeth Usher
Vocals: Shirley Lynn & MC Pony
Ukulele: Shirley Lynn
Recorded by: Shirley Lynn & Tim Carr
Produced, Mixed & Mastered: Adrian Hannan - The Song Store
Photograph of MC Pony: Nadine Saacks
Photograph of Shirley Lynn: Ingrid Douglas
Graphic Design: Shirley Lynn
Video Editor - Ben Chai

Songwriter Information:
Elizabeth and I were both at Australian Songwriters Conference at Ettalong Beach in 2016 and 2018. Despite the conference being cancelled this year [2020] ASC offered many online workshops, zoom sessions and masterclasses via Sydney Circle and Melbourne Circle. After a session on collaboration some 3 months ago, Elizabeth and I decided to connect for a co-write. Further to that, the song was recorded, Elizabeth's vocals in Sydney and Shirley's vocals in Cairns all sent through to be produced at The Song Store with Adrian Hannan. The song was fast tracked and released by Shirley Lynn Music feat. MC Pony in time for Christmas. Elizabeth has since released the strum-along lyric video by UkEnTHUSED.

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