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2021 "River of Change" - STAV. and Shirley Lynn
APRA AMCOS 3-2-1 Home Sessions Co-Write

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River of Change - STAV and Shirley Lynn“River of Change”
The song is a tribute to Gumbaynggirr country and the Bellingen Shire, one of the places that Stav calls home.
Includes Gumbaynggirr translations by Micklo Jarrett and the Muurrbay Aboriginal Language & Culture Co-operative.

A blend of sonic sound built from a palette of acoustic guitar, vocal layering, resonating lyric and light percussive undertones. The song is highlighted by rhythmic movement leading into colourful sparkling melodic playfulness. A song that is flowing with what is. It's meditative, real and mesmerizing.

 "River of Change" written by Stav Shaul and Shirley Lynn is a songwriting project facilitated by APRA AMCOS 3-2-1 Home Sessions during the 2020 pandemic. While this collaboration started as a blind connection for a co-write, it’s  evolvement has  eventuated in a produced song, mixed and mastered by Zac Barter and supported by a music video.

Metaphorically, a river personifies the notion of constant change. From day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year – it’s never the same. It’s ever changing.  Life is like that too… a constant flow of ever change. Let’s take a swim.

"321 Home Sessions – 3 Hours, 2 Songwriters, 1 Song. What better time to collaborate
virtually with someone you’ve never met, in the comfort of your own home. As we all know,
we’re in the midst of an unprecedented time of uncertainty and turbulence. The Arts sector
as a whole has taken a massive hit, and you, our members have been heavily affected.
Whilst we are working closely with State and Federal government to find solutions for the
sector, we’d like to continue to help our members connect with each other, and given we’re
unable to run our regular events series for the next little while, we've created 321 Home! If
you’re self-isolating, and feel the need to be creative with someone else, head to this link,
fill out some details. The pairing will be curated by one of our APRA AMCOS Ambassadors,
and once completed, one of our Writer Services representatives will be in touch to introduce
you to a co-writer to write with. Once connected, you can confirm a time to write, and give
yourselves three hours to write a song.

Song Release: 27th September on all major music platforms for digital download and streaming.
Video Release: 11th October [Subscribe to our YouTube Channels]

Photograph: Shirley Lynn, Stav Shaul and Micklo Jarrett
STAV and Shirley Lynn

Shirley Lynn says: "I'm so pleased that we're ready to share this song with our listening audiences now. It's been such a delight connecting with Stav to co-create on the APRA AMCOS 3-2-1 Home Sessions' project to achieve such a fine result. Not only did we write the song, our creative collaboration also included recording, production, mixing and a music video creation."

Other Acknowledgements:
Vocals: STAV. and Shirley Lynn
Instrumentation: STAV.
Recording: STAV. and Shirley Lynn
Production: STAV.
Mixing & Mastering: STAV. and Isaac Barter
Video & Graphic Development: Shirley Lynn

Gumbaynggirr language translation - Micklo Jarrett & Muurrbay Language Centre

Imagery for Album Art:
Wilson Malone, Welton Souza, Deep Rajwar

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