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2021 Australian Songwriter's Conference

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Shirl at Australian Songwriters Conference - Ettalong BeachConference Dates: 10th June to 14th June 2021

This was my third year at the Australian Songwriter's Conference at Ettalong Beach just north of Sydney and it did not dissapoint. A well programmed weekend organised by Lisa Butler full of industry people, activities and opportunities to learn more about songwriting, building network connections and of course just hanging out with friends there - like minded people also into music and songwriting.

The faculty at this year's conference included Alan Roy Scott who zoomed in from America, Liz Rogers [Music Law], David Mucemeci [DNA], Nicola Tuckwell [APRA], Amber Lawrence, Tyler McLoughlan, Jack Nigro [Grove Studios], Kathy Prosser, Tim Bern, Colleen Zulian, Francesca De Valence, Anthony Snape and publishers and managers were - Matt Tanner [Native Tongue Music Publishing], Matther Donlevy [Cooking Vinyl Australia], DTME Talent Management, Tyler McLoughlan [The Sound Pound], Dan Biddle [Artist Management] Andy Wilson & Craig Hodges [Melodie].

Pitching to publishers is a big part of Australian Songwriter Conferences. Elizabeth Usher pitched a song we wrote together with Michael Saleta. Michael, who was in Nashville did a demo in time for us to be able to pitch it to Dan who asked Elizabeth to email it through to him so he can have another look at it. So that's encouraging. At the very least, pitching to publilsher sessions deliver constructive comments and things to learn from hearing others pitch their songs. Having the opportunity to personally connect with industry people to ask relevant questions and gain insight into the evolving world of music was great.

Co-writes and song surgeries were so amazing again this year. Two co-write challenges were organised and facilitated by Alan. My first co-write group was with Tamika Collins, Karrie Hayward and Brendan Johnson. All groups had to write to the theme of "time". For our second co-write challenge we were given a specific title and 15 minutes to see what we could come up with. For this one I worked with Tamika Collins, Karrie Hayward, Brendan Johnson, Amanda Stewart and Keely Johnson. It was fun. I love especially that our first group song has since had a feedback critique and we now edge toward getting the song completed. I was fortunate enough to have been selected to put a song up for song surgery with Alan and with that process pleased to be able to move "Hungry" a little further forward. Such value to be gained though by listening to the comments for everyone's songs.

Three nights of evening showcases was such a lot of fun. Everyone had the opportunity to be part of the performing showcases. I was especially impressed with the younger performers at this year's conference. It's all about moments though, and Francesca and Anthony treated many of us to a random showcase moment in the Diggers Lounge at the end of the night.

And of course it was fabulous to have North Queensland's own Shirley-Ann Rowley at this year's conference. Shirley-Ann has stepped into the role of National Circle co-ordinator in association with Australian Songwriter's Conference.

I invite you to head over to my facebook page to see more photographs of this event and like my page - Shirley Lynn Music to follow my music happenings and songwriting journey.
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The next Australian Songwriter's Conference is planned for 2023.

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