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"Don't Dance So Fast" - Line Dance Choreography

Shirley Lynn - Tablelands Folk FestivalI'm pleased to share news that there is now a line dance that has been choreographed for "Don't Dance So Fast". Thanks to Dance Choreographer - Kenneth Shaw.

"Don't Dance So Fast" was written in Melbourne in 2019 by Kath Stewart, Paula & Lee Bowman and Shirley Lynn; recorded in 2020 at Pegasus Studio in Cairns and released to radio in 2021, the song has now been choreographed with steps for line dancing.

Do you fancy having a go? Kenneth has created the steps for the dance and in the video below, Pat Mari demonstrates the dance providing a tuturial for the steps. Yusrianci Edy has made of video for the dance also.

Do you know anyone who does line dancing who might enjoy having a go at the choreographed sequence of steps for this dance too.

Thank you to Pat Mari and Yusrianci Edy for the beautiful performances below of the dance.
I love that these ladies both demonstrated their dance and shared on YouTube. Their dances have now been added to a a playlist on my YouTube Channel. Line Dancing Videos for "Don't Dance So Fast"

Line Dancers

Pat Mari performing, "Don't Dance So Fast" - with Tutorial

Yusrianci Edy performing, "Don't Dance So Fast"

Kenneth and Linda ShawAbout the Choreographer: Kenneth Shaw
Kenneth and his wife Linda have always loved dancing.
As a teenager at the local Youth Club in Scotland in the 60’s Kenneth began to make up his own dance steps and moves to music.
With the diagnosis of Linda’s Osteoporosis at 50 she was advised to take up high impact dancing… foot stomping! and line dancing! So attending classes in Melbourne became therapy.
Kenneth’s interest in Choreography began after attending numerous classes, socials, annual balls and contests over the years. Undeterred by any obstacles along the way, he was always interested in whether the dancers had fun and  enjoyment from the dance and the music.  

In 2006 during a trip to Scotland, contact with a Scottish Choreographer provided Kenneth with help and advice developing step sheets for line dances.
Kenneth’s greatest ambition was to compose a song and choreograph a line dance which he did with his tune, “Who are We?”
Kenneth has found line dancing all around Australia from his home town group at Port Macquarie, “Diamonds n’ Denim’ to cruise ships travelling around the world. Choreographed line dances by Kenneth Shaw have included:
“It’s Not Meant to Be” by Fiona Karamanlidis
“Queen of the Hill” – A Celebration of Scottish Music
“Cavatina” by the Shadows
“Play that Song for Me” by Carter and Carter
“Who are We?” by One and the Same
“Don’t Dance So Fast” by Shirley Lynn

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