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Mungalli Creek Dairy - Production Shed Opening

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Shirley Lynn MusicMungalli Creek Dairy at Milla Milla recently held a function for the opening of their new production shed. People of interest were in attendance for the information tours, tastings and official opening.

Mungalli Creek Dairy is well known for their biodynamic farming - a practice that breathes life, energy and strength into the land which in turn produces food rich in nutrients.

Biodynamic farming works from a holistic view of agriculture which focuses on the farm as a living ecosystem with awareness of the interconnectivitiy between earth, plants, animals, humans, the moon and planets. Taste Mungalli produce to know just how good it tastes. New ice-cream flavours have are now on shelves where Mungalli products are sold.

Wonderful to have been asked to play a selection of my music - easy listening, folk, country and original songs for the occasion. The music flowed into the night as people huddled around the fire pits to keep warm. It was a moderate winter's night in Milla. The rolling hills speckled with cows was a fine afternoon backdrop for the occasion.

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