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2021 "River of Change" - STAV. and Shirley Lynn

> 2021 SongRelease
> 2020 Apra Amcos 3-2-1 Home Session

“River of Change” official video was released to YouTube on 11th October.

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Vocals: STAV. and Shirley Lynn
Instrumentation: STAV.
Recording: STAV. and Shirley Lynn
Production: STAV.
Mixing & Mastering: STAV. and Isaac Barter
Video & Graphic Development: Shirley Lynn

Gumbaynggirr language translation - Micklo Jarrett & Muurrbay Language Centre

Imagery for Album Art:
Wilson Malone, Welton Souza, Deep Rajwar

Video Attributions:
Home Video - Stav Shaul, Shirley Lynn - Wilson Malone, Cotton Bro, Welton Souza, Yaroslav Shuraev, Taryn Elliot, Pixabay, Deep Rajwar, Tima Miroshnichenko, Baris Seref, Anna Shvets, Big Dee, Laureen Raftopulos, Vladyslav Dukhin, Ono Kosuki, Polina Tankilevitch, Rodnae Productions, Monstera, WeStarMoney, Stefano Rinaldo, Martina Tomsic, Med Gadon
Motion - Myr_lab - Ko-tewan, Sven Hastedt

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