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Temporary Time - SONG RELEASE

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Temporary Time - Shirley LynnTemporary Time

"Temporary Time" is a crisis song intended to engage critical thinking about the need for change within the time that we have. Change is in our hands in the choices that we make. What we do does matter.

A song in Folk Rock style that will shift the listener between fragility and angst with resonant deep tones and light orchestral moments.

Gives rise to the questions about taking responsibility about how we act and the choices that we make to leave this planet for future generations to follow.

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Recorded and Produced: Pegasus Studio with Nigel Pegrum
Lead Vocals: Shirley Lynn
Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll & Libby Brockenshire
Bass Guitar: Giles Smith
Electric Guitar: Giles smith
Keyboard: Kirk Steel
Guitar: Shirley Lynn & Peter Ella
Violin & Viola: Simon McMenamin
Drums: Nigel Pegrum
Lyric Video: Calvin West Productions | Chariot Baldwin Music
Graphic Design: Shirley Lynn

Nigel Pegrum and Shirley LynnSimon McMenaminNikki Doll and Libby Brokenshire
Nigel Pegrum and Giles SmithNigel Pegrum and Kirk SteelNigel Pegrum and Peter Ella

Nikki Doll Music "It was an honour to sing on your songs and I am so glad we had the opportunity to work together in the studio. I am glad that you are pleased with the overall results & thank you so much for trusting us with your music….. So blessed to be able to have sung such meaningful and conscious music, I feel through you and your songs I was able to contribute to the healing and expression of these times in which we are living..."

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Songwriting Information:
"Temporary Time" was written in 2020 by Shirley Lynn and Christine M Kerr in an online collaboration in the midst of COVID 19. Christine lives on Central Coast NSW and Shirley lives at Clifton Beach just outside of Cairns. Christine and Shirley first met in 2016 and then again in 2018 at the Australian Songwriter's Conference at Ettalong Beach near Sydney. They've since been involved in online collaboration and both attended retreats for songwriting in 2018, 2019 at Carter and Carter Targeted Songwriting Retreats in Melbourne and 2019 at Songwriters at The DAG in Tamworth. While Christine and Shirley have written a number of songs together, this is the first of their songs to be fully produced. > Facebook: Chariot Baldwin Music

Songwriters: Christine Kerr and Shirley Lynn

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