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Temporary Time - Official VIDEO RELEASE

Music video now available on YouTube Channel here. Please subscribe.
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"Temporary Time" Shirley Lynn Music Video

Let this Folk Rock style song shift your listening ears from angst to fragility while you watch this compiled video creation.

The creative endeavour of developing a video to go with my song, "Temporary Time" has been possible with the use of video and photograph stock from talented creators on
I would like to acknowledge the following creators for the inclusion of pieces of their work in this project.

Video compilation developed by: Shirley Lynn
Royalty Free stock video and images: German Korb, Cotton Bro, Anna Shvets, Jasmine Carter, Connor Danylenko, Kelly Lacy, Pixabay, Anton Uniqueton, Anastasia Shuraeva, Tim Mossholder,, Gustavo Fring, Amien, ICSA, Mike, Kat Jayne, Herbert Santos, Tima Miroshniche, Inzmam Khan, Deanna Creates, Nathan Cowley, Anthony Shkraba, Kevin Yau, Pavel Danilyuk, Max Fischer, Pressmaster, Edward Jenner, Nandhu Kumar, RODNAE Productions, Brett Sayles, Edie Reed, Michael Scott, Peter Fowler, Lam Loi, Steve B, Taryn Elliott, Tom Fisk, Vlada Karpovich, Alex Fu, Sosa Films, GamOl, Alex Powell.

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you're inclined. I'm aiming to get 100 YouTube subscriptions to be able to get a customised URL for the channel so that it's easier to locate people to. More videos will be released this year.

Song - Background Information
Songwriters: Shirley Lynn and Christine M Kerr
> Chariot Baldwin Music

Pegasus Recording Studio
Recorded and Produced: Pegasus Studio with Nigel Pegrum
Lead Vocals: Shirley Lynn
Backing Vocals: Nikki Doll & Libby Brockenshire
Bass Guitar: Giles Smith
Electric Guitar: Giles smith
Keyboard: Kirk Steel
Guitar: Shirley Lynn & Peter Ella
Violin & Viola: Simon McMenamin
Drums: Nigel Pegrum
Lyric Video: Calvin West Productions | Chariot Baldwin Music
Video Development & Graphic Design: Shirley Lynn
Royalty Free Stock Video & Images: Pexels

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