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Palm Cove - Connoisseurs' Luncheon

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Shirley Lynn at Palm Cove Connoisseurs' Luncheon What a delightful occasion it was to attend the Palm Cove Connoisseurs' Al Fresco Luncheon held at Neptunes, Palm Cove. The luncheon is held on the last Thursday of every month a get together providing the opportunity for people from the Northern Beaches to come together for a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Each luncheon has a featured guest spot with an invited speaker, community local who shares with the group from their field of experience. Invited by Glenda Hardiman who is the Connoisseurs' Luncheon organiser, it was such a pleasure to be a return guest at the luncheon in June held at Neptunes Palm Cove. As a singer songwriter, it was a wonderful opportunity to be able to share three songs each with signed sync agent agreements. Happy also to perform an encore request for, "Live and Let Live".

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