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Radio ABC - NOrth Queensland - Charlie McKillop

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ABC Far North - supporting local artists and their music.

It's a fine time to have a chat with Charlie McKillop on her "Breakfast Show" program. In conjunction with my latest release, "Tough Enough" I got in touch with Charlie McKillop from ABC Far North radio and we set up a time for a chat together.

"Tough Enough" was released on Are You OK Day in Australia and from that angle Charlie asked questions about the song and about the connection we made with the song around cyberbullying.

When the song was written, there was not the intention to specifically write about cyberbullying, though through the evolvement of the song, it was realised that it could be used to initiate talk and conversation around cyberbullying an issue more prevalent in today's world. When a song is written my intention as a songwriter is to find some relatable purpose for each song to bring meaning and highlight its possibility in service to others.

"Tough Enough" is an easy listening song which could lend itself just as easily to conversation and talk about togetherness. A multi generational song written with Mary Harrison and produced by Adrian Hannan, The Song Store, Melbourne.

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