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Palm Cove - Private Party "Shindig"

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Shirley Lynn at Palm Cove Connoisseurs' Luncheon Over the past couple of years, along with other invited guests, I have been delighted to be invited to play some of my songs on a number of occasions for friends - William and Mark at their private house concerts where intermingling, sipping champagne, enjoying people's company and tasting culinary delights are all part of a wonderful afternoon of togetherness that leads into a concert of musical performance.

Such occasions have warmed my heart, feeling very welcomed to sing and share my songs. It's a pretty special moment for a songwriter too when you get to play your songs and not only are requests made for the particular songs that are liked but some people actually know the words and are singing along with you as well. I just love that.

More recent requests have been made for - "Live and Let Live" my North Queensland cyclone song and "Don't Dance So Fast"

Here's an invite for you to learn to play and sing, "Live and Let Live", "Wrapping Love Up for Christmas" or if you're a line dancer.... then you might like to learn the steps for the line dance choreographed for "Dont Dance So Fast".

LINE DANCE to "Don't Dance So Fast"

BACKING TRACK for "Live and Let Live"

BACKING TRACK for "Wrapping Love Up for Christmas"

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