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2022 - Tough Enough

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> Stop Cyberbullying
> Youth Law Australia - Cyberbullying
> RUOK Day

Tough Enough - Shirley Lynn“Tough Enough”
“Tough Enough” is an indie, pop, folk song - contemporary to our time, highlighting the plight of a 'troubled teenager' on her phone. Layered with a captivating vocal, resonating harmonies, lightly embellished production and instrumental nuances, the sound track supports the depth and emotional story of the song in a heartfelt, relatable way.

It’s just an easy listening song that shares a heartfelt story.
The song could be used to draw awareness to a concern more prevalent in today’s world - “cyberbullying”.
#STOP  - Cyberbullying is not ok. The song is released in lead up to RUOK Day in Australia on 8th September and mental health awareness in October.

“Tough Enough” co-written with Mary V I Harrison another Australian songwriter and produced by Adrian Hannan, The Song Store, Melbourne. "Tough Enough" was a semi-finalist with 5 stars in Adult Contemporary 2021 UK Song Competition.

Song Release: 7th September on major music platforms for digital download and streaming.
Video Release: coming soon - Subscribe HERE.

Selected Videos below highlight some of the issues, some incidence and some repercussions felt by cyberbullying.

Rosanna’s Cyberbullying Story
Reachout Australia

Shocking number of Australian children being bullied online
7 News

Chloe's Law: The crusade to end social media bullying
60 Minutes Australia

According to RUOK website,
"It’s our national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling with life.

Photograph1: Mary Harrison and Shirley Lynn in an online co-writing session.
Photograph 2: Shirley Lynn and Mary Harrison at 2021 Australian Songwriter's Conference.

Mary Harrison and Shirley LynnShirley Lynn and Mary Harrison

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